A Sea of Lies

A Sea of Lies

Every spring magazines seems to scream “Sea Salt Spray!”—claiming this time this bottle of sea salt will magically transform your hair into effortless “beachy waves” a/k/a “I don’t care hair,” or even “French girl hair.” And I fall for it every single time. I have four half empty bottles of the stuff sitting in various drawers in my apartment.  I stopped my search when I haphazardly found Pantene Expert AgeDefy Advanced Thickening Treatment. I was not looking for the perfect undone hair when I picked this up, what I was looking for was a product to thicken my hair and give it a boost, but after some warmer temperatures toward the end of winter I found that when I air dry and spray this all over my head something totally unexpected happens. But first, sea salt sprays and why instead of good hair days they are simply full of it.

Sea salt sprays never really worked for me. After using sea salt spray I am left with what could be called more accurately “morning after” than beachy.  Hangover hair, or hair that has been slept on in an un-air-conditioned NYC apartment in late July.  Not beachy waves. It seems like sea salt sprays are on everyone’s vanities. This makes me think “What am I doing wrong?” Am I spraying too much? Too little? Or is my hair simply destined to be flat on top and slightly wavy toward the bottom, a little too Tom Petty to be attractive. The only time I’ve every truly had perfectly awesome beachy waves is when I had some great afternoon sex with wet hair—- that’s it. Until, this Pantene treatment intended for aging hair entered my life.

After years and many half used bottles of sea salt spray what have I found is that well, sea salt sprays are not for real, as in its not for real people with moderately forgiving genetics. But even still I have found the way to perfect undone hair and its been sitting in the drug store. It’s Pantene Expert AgeDefy Advanced Thickening Treatment. This colorless and ordorless mystery problem solver liquid does make my hair appear thicker but it has three additional stellar side effects.

First, it makes my hair frizz free, whether I air dry or blow it out. Second, for the first time in my life, I don’t have to wash my hair everyday. I have no idea how this works, but ever since I started using this product and with the use of dry shampoo for the first time ever I can go days without washing my hair. I have naturally oily and thin hair and I usually have to wash it everyday, but with this I don’t have to, this for me at least is reason enough to practically horde the stuff. Lastly, this hair care gem gives me that elusive undone I don’t care hair. I don’t even have to put it in a low bun, or do anything moderately tricky. I simply spray 20-25 times all over my head, brush it through and leave my hair alone. When my hair finally dries I have perfectly, glossy, undone waves. I don’t know how it happened, or why this stuff has the best way to achieve undone hair, but it seems that when your not looking for something it comes along anyway and is exactly what you were looking for.

3 thoughts on “A Sea of Lies

  1. It is seriously a stellar product. I have gone through about 3-4 bottles of the stuff and keep coming back to it. And seriously, it really does thicken!

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