Palo Santo Oil Aster and Bay

I really love YOGA. I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years, studied vinyasa and became a teacher and then found Kundalini Yoga– which completely changed my life- it was the yoga I’d been searching for.

I meditate a lot in class and I have my own home practice so I have a special spot in my apartment where I practice. Along with meditating in the same place I like to incorporate scent into my yoga practice. Scent is a powerful. Keeping the scent the same when you meditate is an excellent way to quickly get into the space to be still.

I love scenting my home with candles and incense, but meditating early in the morning or late at night I am a bit worried about leaving a candle burning and when I had pets I was even more terrified that one of them would leap into a candle and be a flaming ball of white fur. The opposite of stillness.  While I still love and burn candles, this roll on oil has pretty much solved my early AM and late night fire OCD.

I love Palo Santo, it smells like earthly magic- warm, inviting and mysterious- it is also how a yoga studio I frequent smells so I am instantly put in a calm meditative space.  This one by Aster + Bay  really nails the Palo Santo without it smelling fake by incorporating white sage, frankincense, and myrrh into the mix. Pure magic.

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