Sleep on It


File under lazy. I like skincare that is not a process. The Clarisonic, while excellent, was too much of a thing. If I’m going to use any electrical device near my face on the daily, it’s going to be my Sonicare.

Before, I used a ton of lotions + potions on my face every night. And even though I’m a dedicated skincare junkie, it’s a lot. Too much stuff. Travel forget it that ziplock bag is NEVER ENOUGH! And then are these products even working? Can they work together? Am I going to burn off my face with this combination of products? These were my burning questions.

Thus, I am always searching for an easy peasy fix. I love good face oil. I’ve been using plain old jojoba oil for like ever and its high, buttttttttttttt really there are so many excellent oils out there waiting to sink into my skin.

Acure Organics seemed like a reasonable place to start. Aside from being super affordable and easy to get (hey Whole Foods!), their ingredients are sourced really well. Save the planet, save my skin, the world keeps turning.

This oil is BOMB. Really. I’ve gone through three bottles of this stuff since March, and I keep going back despite the myriad of other more expensive oils sitting on my shelf. It skinks in pretty fast, it does not break me out or aggravate my sensitive skin. I’m only 30, so my skin is generally fine, and I’ve got some good genetics on my side, but whatever fine lines were holding court are pretty much a distant memory. And in the morning, with a splash of some cold water on my face and my skin requires only a bit of moisture, and I can get on with it. So easy. My only gripe is that you can’t travel with the bottle as there is no lock, and that is pretty much a TSA disaster waiting to happen.

Purchase HERE


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