Subscription Box Addiction


Subscription boxes are a blessing for a person like me who absolutely loves, LOVES getting mail. This love affair started at sleep away camp when my lovely mom would send me the best care packages. Currently, I get two (maybe three) beauty boxes a month. I love trying new products but sometimes it can be overwhelming, getting so many new products all at once,  so I decided to think outside the box and add another one to the mix totally devoted to something not beauty. Enter the subscription box by Haute Papier. Continue reading

Late Night Candle Love


My friend Sophia and I, we are like two lentils in a pod. When we are on our way home from going out we often like to take detours to drugstores. Late night drug store trips are one of my MOST FAVORITE activities, I’ve been making these journey’s since high school with my super awesome lady friend Zoe too. Lately, me and Sophia, often have to, simply just have to pick up candles at 4am. These are my top candle picks that I keep on replacing when I burn them down to the core.  Continue reading

Avoiding Anxiety Attacks


Pier 1 Reed Diffuser in Lavender $12.00, Refill $15.00

I love love candles, so much so that my late night beauty shopping escapades with Sophia started because we always seemed to need candles after a night of going out, you know for following lazy Sunday afternoon. Continue reading