Over the weekend I was in Florida for a nice relaxing long weekend full of clouds (still got a bit of color), Margret Cho, lots of plane rides and a 12 hour delay in Atlanta which resulted in a night with friends (Thanks so much Fauzia and Kristy!!!). Because of my travels my lips got pretty chapped between four flights, high humidity and direct sunlight…

Lip Love

I’ve posted about Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment before, HERE and HERE, and my opinion stands that some of these colors and formulas are great and others not so much.


I think its safe to say that a lot of women (and men too!) have this problem– which is that they carry too much unnecessary shit in their everyday bag. I never think I do this, that is until I travel and I cram everything in my purse into one of my carry-ons. Traipsing through the airport it all becomes abundantly clear, I am a purse hoarder….