Lipstick Challenge Day 6: Keepin’ it Fresh

fresh sugar passion fresh sugar rose


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Passion & Rose $ 22.50

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are pretty rad. The consistency is spot on- somewhere between thick like frosting and smooth like butter. Moisturizing and providing a nice level of SPF. But these colors, Oh these colors, don’t get me started.

I want to love them but I only kind of like them. The original formula got me hooked and when the Rose came out, I was obviously on a mission to scoop one up. I didn’t immediately love the Rose until one day late summer when my tan was legit, than the Rose tint provided that perfect subtle was of red- that I feel we all strive for- just enough color that says you’ve done something without being obvious. But over time, when I would apply it, it would bleed and it would look messy.

This did not stop me from picking up the Passion version. Again the texture and moisturizing properties were spot on, but the color although super gorgeous, traveled outside the edges of my lips making it look messy as though I  I was a five year old who just ate a red popsicle on a roller-coaster- simply just not that pulled together.

While the colors are pretty and the packaging enticing, the only Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment I can recommend with gusto is the Original. Simply because I don’t want to look like a messy five year old- amiright?!?

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