More Of My Faves

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Living in two cities can be hard sometimes especially with regard to keeping track of certain things. Not so difficult to keep track of are my favorite beauty spots in Brooklyn/NYC and Chicago IL. Easy to visit and spend way too much time in. Enjoy!  Continue reading

Tanning my Heart Out


Tan Towel Half Body Classic Fair/Medium Skin Tanning Towels $17.00

So, my post from yesterday was about self tanners, and the current hunt I am on to find the perfect one, since tanning beds are not an option (duh!) and a beach vacation is not in my future. Nevertheless,  I’ve been feeling somewhat super pale, not just winter pale, but pale just like the winter I didn’t go outside during my second year of law school and I developed a Vitamin D deficiency, that kind of pale. Continue reading

Late Night Impulse Buy: Hydrating French Lavender Body Foam


100% Pure French Lavender Hydrating Body Wash $15.00

I have a few things by 100% Pure and I love them, though their body washes never really did intrigue me. Foaming, hydrating whatever, those promises were not enough. Continue reading

Late night impulse purchase, Lip Gloss

Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss in Berry Fit color 400


After leaving my  favorite bar last night, on my way home, I stopped in to get some Diet Coke, the other nectar of the g-ds. Nevertheless. I was walking the aisles of CVS when I decided I needed a lip gloss. Continue reading

Wax on.

Waxelene the Petroleum Jelly Alternative


More Info HERE

I was on the quest for my cousin Ben, to find him something to soothe his hands (he works outside and inside and just generally puts them through the ringer).

I came across this little jem one late night at Whole Foods.

Its pretty balm. Continue reading

Oh sheaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Alaffia Shea Butter Hand & Body Balm


More info HERE

No stranger, is my late night love of beauty product shopping.

Last, Friday after some drinks with friends JennyG and Sophia at Silver Lining, my friend JennyG suggested that we take a detour before heading back to Brooklyn to explore the Whole Foods Beauty Section in their Tribeca Store.

I was looking for something stripped down, super natural, no water based hand/body balm, for use as a hand creme. My hands because of the dips in temperatures were getting a beating and even my old standby by Weleda was not cutting it. So, I tired a bunch of the body balms and hand slaves they had. I settled on this one because the scent was spot on (Roses), the texture was great and it hit all the right points with ingredients. The balm sank in super quick, did not leave a greasy residue and left my hands super soft for hours.

This morning when I showered I decided I was going to use this post shower, my skin had been a bit dry, and starting to feel the effects of the cooler weather too. At 2 oz, this little jar might be kind of expensive for everyday body cream, but that was nixed when I used it because a little does go a long way.

The staying power,  the hydrating power and the ‘this sinks in faster than super toxic cream power’, is AMAZING. It sinks in so quick so I can get dressed super fast without freezing my bottom off, and it hydrates like whoas. I could see myself trading in my longstanding Jojoba Oil post shower ritual for this, because its super quick and dries almost instantly. And the scent, the scent is the most perfect not too overpowering rose scent that I can’t get enough of.

Overall, this was a great late night impulse purchase that I don’t regret. I can’t want to decant some of this into a little jar for on the go hydration.

All the bebes are doing it

Mustela Hydra Stick


More info HERE

I have mentioned before that I love French beauty products, not because I am obsessed with France, even though it is a lovely country that I had a great time visiting (Hey Rosey!) but because the EU regulates personal care products differently than the US, by regulating what chemicals are allowed to go into personal care products to protect consumers. The EU does not allow chemicals known to cause things including cancer, reproductive and neurological harm, into personal care products. The US, not so much. The EU has banned over 1,000 chemicals from being put into personal care products while the US has banned only nine.  I like products made in the EU because they make me feel extra safe.

The first time I used the Mustela Hydra Stick was in high school. I saw it in a magazine and hunted it down to a fancy pharmacy in NYC. I toted it around like I was the coolest person ever because I had this coveted little piece of magic from France.

Nevertheless, as I have mentioned in other posts, I like to, late night on the weekends, on the way home from being out, I like to go to drugstores. Conveniently, there is a great drug store that carries super hard to find brands and is open 24 hours a day down the street and on the way home to my house. So the other night after dinner with my friend Rosey, I stopped in and was inevitably greeted by the night staff that know me well.

I found myself in the baby aisle staring down this little pint-sized deodorant shaped stick of moisture goodness. Because I know Mustela is made in France I knew it would be made without parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates or triclosan, which it is, so I didn’t even have to do my compulsive label checking.  I walked that little stick to the register and skipped home.

The Hydra Stick is a great shape to haphazardly slap it on your lips and it lasts a super long time without being sticky. Its not shiny shiny, but rather it leaves a healthy moistness to your lips and because it is creamy, it tones your lips into this nice supple color, that’s not obvious and is totally unisex. It has a mild baby scent that’s odd for a lip product, but since that’s not its only use, as you can use it on your face too, that makes sense and besides the scent is nice. Its super cute in your purse and it makes me smile every time I pull it out because this little stick is so adult for a baby product and its funny to think of little French kids using it on the playground. Well I don’t know if that’s what all French kids do on the playground, but using my own childhood as a source, that’s what I would do.

*Above image used without permission from HERE