More Of My Faves

Living in two cities can be hard sometimes especially with regard to keeping track of certain things. Not so difficult to keep track of are my favorite beauty spots in Brooklyn/NYC and Chicago IL. Easy to visit and spend way too much time in. Enjoy! 

Tanning my Heart Out

Tan Towel Half Body Classic Fair/Medium Skin Tanning Towels $17.00 So, my post from yesterday was about self tanners, and the current hunt I am on to find the perfect one, since tanning beds are not an option (duh!) and a beach vacation is not in my future. Nevertheless,  I’ve been feeling somewhat super pale, not just winter pale, but pale just like the…

Late Night Impulse Buy: Hydrating French Lavender Body Foam

100% Pure French Lavender Hydrating Body Wash $15.00 I have a few things by 100% Pure and I love them, though their body washes never really did intrigue me. Foaming, hydrating whatever, those promises were not enough.