Tanning my Heart Out


Tan Towel Half Body Classic Fair/Medium Skin Tanning Towels $17.00

So, my post from yesterday was about self tanners, and the current hunt I am on to find the perfect one, since tanning beds are not an option (duh!) and a beach vacation is not in my future. Nevertheless,  I’ve been feeling somewhat super pale, not just winter pale, but pale just like the winter I didn’t go outside during my second year of law school and I developed a Vitamin D deficiency, that kind of pale.

Anyway, despite the fact I am still super bummed I lost my Clarins Self- Tanner in the move, I am not deterred from my hunt for a new cheaper replacement.  While I loved my Clarins stuff, I did feel that after using it I would get a small pimple in return, nothing major just an irritation. That I did not love, but the color I did.

Then I remembered that one late night shopping adventure with Sophia I picked these up, hoping that they would be an affordable alternative to my beloved, albeit pore clogging Clarins.

I used the towel yesterday after my shower and I have to say I am kind of in love. So incredibly easy to use. I used the towel first on my arms and upper chest, then my stomach, neck and then when the towel was almost dry, but still rather damp, I used it on my face. I went over my face last because I did not want the deeply saturated towel to hit my face first and end up streaky or super tan.

The color is awesome, and it developed very quickly. I look like I spent the day outside, definitely not so tan that its obvious, because lets face it, I’m in the middle of an arctic tundra and there is no natural reason I would have a tan. Also, super bonus, no nasty self tanner smell which means I can use this right before going out (score!). Since I just used it I don’t know if it will clog my pores, but because this is not a lotion or a gel but a towel, I feel like it can’t possibly have molecules in it to cause clogging. I’ll update in a few days to let you know if a spot develops.  Although I have not put on foundation tonight, I feel like I would only use a bit of concealer to cover up spots because the self tanner camouflages the rest of the things I would want covered up.

Really a great product, that I have seen a million times before, but never really gave a second thought to.

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