Late Night Impulse Buy: Hydrating French Lavender Body Foam


100% Pure French Lavender Hydrating Body Wash $15.00

I have a few things by 100% Pure and I love them, though their body washes never really did intrigue me. Foaming, hydrating whatever, those promises were not enough.

Then the other night, after a bottle of wine and a really nice dinner with my visiting friend Sophia, we did what we always do, which is to hit up a drug store late at night. She needed hairspray, I needed nicoretee (quitting!), anyway, after picking up what we needed sans the nicorettte, and some extras I came across the 100% Pure display and was intrigued.

The foaming action promised by this body wash was a welcome change from what can be very drying  traditional body washes. I like a body wash and a loofa in the summer to wash off the gross NYC summer that accumulates as you go about your business in the city, but even in the summer I find them to be drying, so for the colder months its all about bar soap. But bar soap can be boring, its quicker to use, but it can be boring, and I really like lovely scented things and scented bar soaps are too drying. This body wash by 100% Pure seemed like a match made in drug store heaven.

And I was right. First, I love the dispenser its just like any foaming dispenser would be, and it delivers a huge poof of soap. What is great about the foam is that you don’t need a loofa, but what struck me the most was not only the amazing lavender scent, totally natural and not fake smelling, what struck me was the lather which was totally and completely moisturizing. I felt not only that I was getting clean, but not too clean, my skin did not feel stripped, it even felt like the foam was moisturizing. I use natural oils at the end of my shower to moisturize and this foam, almost felt just like that, like it was sinking in.

Its the weirdest thing, this foaming body wash but it’s totally perfect.

3 thoughts on “Late Night Impulse Buy: Hydrating French Lavender Body Foam

      1. Many thanks. I hope to move to Chicago soon so this will be a product I will look out for.

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