Lipstick Challenge Day 19: Paw Paw


Suvana Organic Certified Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm, $14.00

I’ve been mildly aware of Paw Paw as a thing generally and as ingredient a lip balm, what have you for a while. But it never really caught my attention, that was until it became winter, and I moved to a colder locale and my use of lip balm skyrocketed.   Continue reading

Lipstick Challenge Day 17: Lip Balm & Treatment Round Up

little wing

For this post, I thought I would round up previous posts about lip balm and lip treatments that I reviewed before the Lipstick Challenge began. These products are so great, that I would hate for them not to be included.  Enjoy!  Continue reading

Lipstick Challenge Day 16: Medieval


Lipstick Queen Tinted Treatment in Medieval $20.00

First, I have a super girl crush on Poppy King. I just started her book,  Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, and so far I love it. As a person who has loved and adored lip products more than the average person or Beauty Editor, I can totally relate to Poppy King. Anyway. This is my second time purchasing Medieval, I am really in love with this lip product. It is basically the most perfect tinted balm. Continue reading