Lipstick Challenge Day 16: Medieval


Lipstick Queen Tinted Treatment in Medieval $20.00

First, I have a super girl crush on Poppy King. I just started her book,  Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, and so far I love it. As a person who has loved and adored lip products more than the average person or Beauty Editor, I can totally relate to Poppy King. Anyway. This is my second time purchasing Medieval, I am really in love with this lip product. It is basically the most perfect tinted balm.

Its super moisturizing, so much so you could actually leave your lip balm at home. It really is that good at moisturizing, its so emollient that it does not tug at your lips either upon application, it just glides. Second, the color is super sheer, as though you very carefully ate something red and it left behind a nice rosy stain. But what is so great about this and where other tinted balms fall short, is that the color does not bleed. It really adheres to your lips, and does not travel something I find absent with a) this general lip color area and b) tinted lip balms in general. (See my review of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment). The other great thing is the design of the tube, it has this little lip that really keeps the cap on tight so I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined when it inevitably falls into the depths of my purse.

It is a really super sweet color, that amps up your lips natural pinkness, but makes it slightly more red. I don’t know why, but I am compelled to tell you that I think Medieval makes me look somehow more responsible. I mean I am responsible, but sometimes I feel like other lips, like those that are super glossy or those colors that despite your steady hand bleed, somehow convey that you posses a huge lack of responsibility, that you party all the time and wake up on floors. Medieval on the other hand, because it stays put so well and the color is so soft, I think that it says something else, and that something else is a good thing.

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