bedside carafe with glass Crate and Barrel

I love beautiful and well designed things, especially when they solve some sort of life problem. In this case its thirst. I am always thirsty and drinking something, especially in the middle of the night, and in the middle of the night I hate waking up to go get a glass of water. I could leave a glass on my bedstand, but I have cats and they might knock it over or even worse take a sip, which is fine I love them but they do lick their own butts, just sayin’. Continue reading

Shit you didn’t know you needed || O F F I C E

RENS sheepskin IKEAI like to really want things. I like to dream about things I want to acquire.  I haven’t always been this way, it use to be all about impulse, but I’ve been trying to save more money so waiting is part of the game, its fun you know to see if you really want something after the passage of time.

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10/22 Sunday Round Up

Sunday morning round-up. Basically, really cool things from around the internet to look at while drinking some coffee on Sunday Morning. Click on the description to be taken to some cool articles, pictures, tips and recipes.

This space is super amazing

Navy Nail love, can’t wait to try this and pair it with one of my many army green anorak jackets 

I should really bust my sparkle oxfords out before it gets too cold! 

Looking for a reason to make a batch of these vegan truffels, mhmmmmm

Funkins, aka fun pumpkins

Joy Cho of OHJOY! gets me every time, every single time

Back to basics? I think OhHappyDay! basically broke into my house and took pictures of my closet, swoon, the essentials are where its at! 

Finally, broke down and got this tote, I am hoping that it will help me contain myself, and only carry one bag instead of multiple tote bags. So excited! 

Hair Rut? Mom hair? Some easy, super cute non technical solutions! 

* Image above used without permission from HERE