Shit you didn’t know you needed || O F F I C E

RENS sheepskin IKEAI like to really want things. I like to dream about things I want to acquire.  I haven’t always been this way, it use to be all about impulse, but I’ve been trying to save more money so waiting is part of the game, its fun you know to see if you really want something after the passage of time.

In so many design magazines and blogs, sheepskins are draped gracefully over chairs. Super want. It it took very little for me to add it to my wish-list. But I love/hate going to IKEA where I knew I’d find one after several hours of internet sleuthing. Well, I found myself in IKEA one super rainy day, and picked this sheepskin up. I am in love. It looks so cute on my office chair. It provides the softest layer of oomph to an otherwise sexy vintage but dreadfully uncomfortable chair. I’m glad I waited to pick this up because it looks so rad. The only drawback is that it looks just like a skinned version of my cats so I constantly think I’m about to sit on one of them, so unless you have a pair of white twin cats you will probably be ok to not confuse this with a live animal.

Shop it HERE 

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