bedside carafe with glass Crate and Barrel

I love beautiful and well designed things, especially when they solve some sort of life problem. In this case its thirst. I am always thirsty and drinking something, especially in the middle of the night, and in the middle of the night I hate waking up to go get a glass of water. I could leave a glass on my bedstand, but I have cats and they might knock it over or even worse take a sip, which is fine I love them but they do lick their own butts, just sayin’.

So the other day I was in one of my favorite Brooklyn stores and I found this carafe for your nightstand. I love that the cup is like a cap keeping it all neat and tidy. Honestly, its so pretty and totally solves this middle of the night desert like thirst problem. Oh and quite obviously, this also solves the coming home late and drunk and forgetting to drink water and suffering a hangover in the morning problem too. Bonus, as we all know, drinking lots and lots of water is so important for radiant, clear and glow-y skin.

Super glam + Super smart.

Shop a similar version HERE.

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