Big News

Lush Big Shampoo, $24.00

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Not gonna lie. I was really skeptical about this product. I mean honestly, have you seen it. It looks like oatmeal or tapioca pudding. It has salt and natural oils in it and it just looks like something you are not supposed to put in your hair.

Regardless, this product turned my hair into normal hair. The state of my hair prior to using this was, well simply a huge mess. I used a deep conditioner that I really should have known better to use. It was too oily  for my fine hair and even after two blow-dries my hair looked looked like I had not showered for days. It was really bad.

I had a generous sample of this for about 6 months just taunting me in my cabinet. I finally decided to use it. I was really skeptical, so I used it on a night where I had to do nothing.

I used it. It was weird at first, definitely something to get used to, as it is texture was thick, clumpy and odd. But the results were astonishing. My hair had honestly not looked this good in months. It was amazing.

My hair has taking a beating with poor eating habits (sorry Mom!) and stress. This resulted in lack of shine, flyaway’s from hair breakage, hair loss, lack of volume basically a product marketers dream  (I have tried everything trying to bring my hair back). After a rather sloppy blow dry, my hair was bouncy, full and shiny. Seriously bouncy, a word I have never used in a serious way to describe my hair, but for real, it was bouncy.  The flyways were almost non-existent as was my frizz. I could not stop smelling and touching my hair. It just does something magic and the weird texture is something you have to just get over.

Overall the gist is you basically get awesome results with just one product. On the other hand, the awesome results might have been deep to my deep condition the day before (in case your wondering, it was with Wen).

Update: This product contains sodium lauryl sulfates, so  I won’t be purchasing the full size product of  this which is really sad because it truly is a super awesome product.

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