Fly away with me (or not thanks to this hair balm)

100% Pure Smooth and Moisture Balm, $6.00 & $15.00

More info HERE

My current hair cabinet is about 15 products deep. Mousses, sea salt sprays, dry shampoos, glossers, serums you name it, I have it. I really wanted to like this product, but I knew it would be especially hard because I have very fine hair and not a lot of it, so if a product is heavy, it will weigh my hair down and then I won’t use it. Who wants flat hair? 

When using it I first focused on my ends and then applied it from my ears down and then used the remainder on my hands to pat the top of my head to tame the flyaways. The tube says to use a tiny amount I used a bit more than would be considered tiny,  instead of a dime I use about a penny or nickel size amount. It did not weigh my hair down at all, and gave it a great sheen and the smell, OMG lavender! It really made my hair look naturally healthier and made my hair pop (is that a thing). Basically my hair just looked better, way shinier, like I ate a balanced diet and took a ton of supplements better, or at least that’s what I think better hair would look like.

The ultimate test is that I used this product after an overdose of deep leave in conditioner that left my hair very oily. I used it the day after I did that treatment, I was worried that when I put this on I would really be sorry because it would make my hair even more weighed down. Even with the deep conditioner mishap the product did not weigh my hair down or make it look greasy. My hair just looked awesome.

Totally worth getting to replace traditional serum products. Since buying the full size product, I use much less of the product and just on the bottom half of may hair. Its a pretty rad product I would totally recommend it.

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