Must Have Monday: Pure Apothecary Magic Moisture Stick

Pure Apothecary Magic Moisture Stick aka large stick thing that sits next to my bed $7.00

More Info HERE

So, I wear a lot of open back shoes, clogs, sling backs etc. therefore my feet and more specifically my heels have to be in good shape. One thing though, that I am not good at doing is moisturizing my feet, like ever, its really simple and easy (an especially easy way to use up old creams that your not using anymore), no matter the simplicity I can’t bring myself to do it.

Enter the magic moisture stick. A major brand use to make something similar that I loved and kept my feet looking awesome, but no longer. So after some mega searching on Etsy—aka the greatest retailer of very well made, handmade beauty products—I found what I was looking for.

The void has been filled. I keep this stick on my nightstand and before I go to bed, it stares at me—it taunts me and therefore I use everyday. Honestly, my feet have never looked better, and my shoes with open backs can be kept in deep rotation, and when the weather dips, my feet will still be getting the magic treatment with what is essentially a giant tube of lip balm.

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