Post Tequila Skincare

Sometimes there are beauty products that seem too precious to use right away. For whatever reason, face masks for me, are those products I keep tucked away. Sure I have my staple mask that I use on the regs, but for special masks and samples that come my way I simply horde them.

Sleep on It

  File under lazy. I like skincare that is not a process. The Clarisonic, while awesome, was too much of a thing. If I’m going to use any electrical device near my face on the daily, it’s going to be my Sonicare.

A Good Foundation || Part Two

I went back to one of my longstanding favorite foundations, Laura Mericer Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. I’ve reviewed it before, and I’ve bought about a dozen bottles of this stuff over the years. Its pretty amazing in the summer, for brunch and for when you just want to be low key. Without primer, this just does not stay on your face. It absorbs to…