Fig & Yarrow

FIG & YARROW, Cardamom+Basil Lip Balm & Rose + Vanilla Tinted Lip Sheen $ 10

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I love a good lip balm. I also love a good lip balm in good packaging. I also love a good lip balm that evokes some sort of ‘sold on the corner in some rustic town’ vibe. This stuff is made in Denver, a major US city, nevertheless I feel like I am putting on some sort of secret salve on my lips when I use it.

The Cardamom+Basil  seemed like such a weird combination that I had to try it. It’s a balm. There is nothing particularly special about it, but the taste and sent is awesome for fall. I am a sucker for any product that makes me think of the best season that ever was. At first you have to work the product a bit, it’s in a pot, but then on your lips—it stays—for what seems like an eternity. It’s a great base balm to lipsticks and lip stains.

The Rose + Vanilla lip balm is great too. Shiny with a hint of color. It is really emollient and feels cushiony on your lips. My only gripe is that you need a steady hand or a mirror nearby as the color does migrate, making you look like perhaps you were five and broke into mom’s makeup, nevertheless, the products itself is a great homemade alternative to those you would find in drug stores, and it leaves a nice color.

Fig & Yarrow has it down pat with these two balms. Seeing as I have a serious lip balm addiction, that’s a pretty big compliment.

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