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Greetings from the desert, I am blogging the end of Etsy Week from Joshua Tree, California and today’s post is about my favorite lip scrub. Perhaps it  should be about sunscreen, I digress. Here we go!

Lip scrub is one of those products that you don’t actually need until you get it and use it and see the wonders it imparts. I read somewhere that lip scrubs were not good for your lips and the surrounding delicate area so I avoided them. But then one day I got it into my head that I really needed one, that my lipstick application would be enhanced, that somehow I would be a better person. I had one lying around from a company that basically puts poison in their scrub so I was on the hunt for a new one.

Then I found Winsome & Green. The founder started Winsome & Green “to provide a well made alternative to the toxic concoctions sold in stores.” Oh, Etsy, how you solve all of my beauty woes. I received the scrub with a lovely hand written note inside from the founder (Ah Etsy you get me everytime– everytime). After using it I am pretty sure that my lipstick does go on better and smoother. But the best part is that this feels so good on your lips, and it tastes like mint. Also, using it feels super luxurious and super over the top because really who needs to exfoliate their lips with a separate product? You do. It is so much fun, and so spa like. I love home spa moments. You totally can have one because this lip scrub is super affordable, and in an easy to use tube, so it’s really simply to just go with it and have an exfoliation moment with your lips. I promise you will thank me.

3 thoughts on “Lip love

  1. OH YES! I suffer from chemical sensitivity. Thus began my quest for non toxic alternatives to everything. Winsome & Green really works for me! All of their products are so good!

    1. Thanks Rhonda! Winsome & Green is awesome. Check out Blissoma they are a great company that makes very good handmade products without chemicals!

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