Gloss Over it

Phoenix Botanicals Little Wing Balm $8.00

My friend Jen turned me onto this company with their Rose lip balm, but for me this is the standout balm from this company. Its pretty much one of the more amazing balms out there. When I started to my own lip balm company I really strove to beat this particular lip balm and is ability to moisturize.

Little Wing is in an eco tube, tastes like vinilla and goes on like a dream. It is super thick and moisturizing. Its also great for when your lips are exposed to the elements, like the sun and wind. It provides a great protective barrier. When I was studying for the bar I obsessively put this stuff on and was so sad when it ran out. This stuff is so good! It’s made with “fresh infused organic vanilla pods, organic oils and the highest quality essential oils of verveina, gardenia and ylang-ylang.”

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Gloss Over it

  1. Thank you Ilana for your lovely review! Please enjoy 15% off with this Etsy coupon for you and your readers, good thru October’12. Enter code: ILANAROCKS ! xo, Irina from Phoenix Botanicals

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