Mountain Rose Herbs, Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound

$5.85 & $ 8.00

More info HERE

I love Mountain Rose Herbs for purchasing my bulk herbs, but an unknown gem is that they sell the greatest stripped down beauty products.This Goldenseal-Myrrh Compound, is no exception, and it reminds me of something one would get at a magical forest emporium, or a dusty old shop staffed by some super eclectic ladies. This compound, or essentially salve, is a pretty much an easy to carry first aid kit. The salve uses goldenseal for its “anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.” It has very little scent, but if you happen to use it on your cuticles like I do, and occasionally bite your nails, the taste is a little weird, it’s very achem, discouraging, thus preventing you from biting your nails.

Bam! Moisture fix and nail-biting problem solved.

*Above image used without permission from HERE

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