Julep Freedom™ Polymer Top Coat

I’ve had two weddings in the past month so I did two back to back GEL manicures. If you are not familiar, while GEL manicures last 2 to 2 and a half weeks they wreak your nails or at least they leave my nails paper thin and unattractive. So I just took off my GEL a few days ago and went back to regular polish. I mentioned my favorite base and top coat by Sephora, called Sephora X a few weeks ago, but another GEL alternative just came across my desk that is 4-Free and claims to do the same thing, which is give you gel like shine and super staying power of your manicure aka less chips. So since I love green alternatives I thought I’d give it a whirl. Read what I thought after the jump.  Continue reading



Aside from blogging here at One Product, I am also the Editor over at The Manifest Co. a blog about Brooklyn-ite lifestyle. Check out the links below to some of our posts this week from a great group of contributors. Enjoy!

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I am not that easily bullied into buying products. I do my research before hand and always have a clear idea why I am in a particular store, this holds especially true with regard to beauty products. So a few weeks ago I was surprised when a gently nudge from a Sephora employee prompted me to deviate from my shopping list and into some new territory. Continue reading

Subscription Box Addiction: Part Two


I love subscription boxes, this is no surprise as I’ve mentioned them a few times on the blog here and here. One of the boxes I get is by Ipsy its very makeup heavy and light on the skincare. You can customize what you get by answering a survey. Continue reading

Fat & The Moon


What prompts me to pick up random, untested, unreviewed beauty products from Etsy always comes down to cool packaging. Fat & The Moon is one of those companies, their logo and design really caught my eye and I knew I just had to try some of their products.

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New: Green Picks


As I have mentioned I do talk about products that are not so green. Its hard, I love products. I’ve created a new tab to house all of the posts on green products, called GREEN PICKS. All the products listed are safe and pass my rigorous reading of ingredient lists. I’ll be updating this over the next week or so to include all of the One Product posts on safer products!

Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!

Winter Problems


Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra Enriched Hand Cream $5.99

The longer winter drags on the more my hands resemble that of a doctors, dry and cracked. I’ve tried numerous green options, most of them while great are often too greasy so they are better left on my nightstand than in my purse. I needed something fast and had to go with something a little less than green.  Continue reading