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Suki Concentrated Balancing Toner


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I was getting some new foundation a few months ago, when I got into a skincare conversation with my makeup artist from Laura Mercier. I talked about how I thought I need foundation v. tinted moisturizer because I was breaking out and needed to hide my spots. Well she gave me some great tips for a new cleanser and moisturizer, but then told me something I had no idea about: that toner is pointless and bad for your skin.

A deep moral dilemma arose, were toners really that bad? Was I stripping my skin of vital oils? Was I actually making my skin worse? I thought about these things, and tried out her suggestion. I tried out the tip about not using toner and my skin did felt better, less dry, less tight, less red and generally less reactive. But I had all of this toner left over, and by all, I mean like several bottles. So I tried to think of new ways to use it.

Because the Suki Toner is in a spray bottle, I thought well, if I don’t use a cotton pad to wipe the toner on my face, inevitably stripping away good skin stuff, what would happen if I just sprayed it on right after cleansing and before moisturizing? Bingo. This was the combo I needed.The Suki Toner promises to reduce redness and spots. While the Suki Toner does calm down my redness, I have not noticed any difference from this product in terms of breakouts.

The best thing about this toner is that first, I feel super glam misting my face twice a day. The scent is really appealing in a  super glam earth mama kind of way.  And second I’ve noticed that having a moist face really increased the absorption of my moisturizer, making me use less product which means I save money on buying moisturizer, which is awesome.

So while, the Suki Concentrated Balancing Toner is great for reducing redness and okay at reducing my blemishes, the moral of the story is that you should spray toner not wipe it on with a cotton pad. If your toner does not come in a spray bottle, as I have mentioned here before, Whole Foods sells great empty jars, bottle and mini spray containers that I pretty much put all of my products in, for travel and on the go access, these bottles are not only functional, but look super cute too.


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