Argan Oil


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Oh, Argan Oil. I just googled it and got about 6,280,000 results. Insane.

So many companies sell re-packaged Argan oil, and those products can be quite expensive, but you should not fall into that trap. You can get good quality Argan Oil from HERE.

This brand is super affordable, allowing you to slather it on and use it for a whole bunch of things.

I like to put it on the ends of my hair, pre shower and wash it out. For my face I find Argan Oil clogs my pores, so I don’t use it there. But my favorite use for the oil is to put it in a fillable rollerball container like this one, and use it as lip gloss. The results are awesome. Shiny without being gloopy, and  always moisturizing, and best of all it contains just one ingredient  Amazing!

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