Adapt or die

Blissoma by Irie Star Adaptive Energy Tonique


I’ve posted before about toner, and how it may or may not be necessary  and how my favorite Laura Mercier makeup artist told me that is wrecks your skin. I have also written about how I have changed how I use toner. Instead of swiping it on with a cotton pad, I spray it on- and I have never looked back. I think its either the change in method or its this toner. Because recently I have changed a few things in my skin care regime, and my skin is looking way better.

This toner is great. It works. It does SOMETHING. I have never really thought so much about toner except for this toner I bought in bulk at a grocery store in Italy (Remember Zoe? OMG that stuff was amazing)- I digress, but if you live in Italy email me at and lets talk toner. Anyway. This stuff works. Its amazing. It balances my skin in some other worldly way. It calms, it preps, it just is amazing. Its also not drying, which is great because I plan on using this through the winter

I don’t know what spraying something on your face can really do, but as I near the end of my bottle- which has lasted a really long time despite spraying on a lot of it on twice a day- I am totally amazed at the results, my skin is clearer. When I don’t use it I can tell a difference, a difference! Jeeeze.

I call it my magic potion.

*Above image used without permission from HERE

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