Cheap Thrills: Beech Wood Bath Bar Dish


Whole Truth Solutions Beech Wood Bath Bar Dish  $5.00

I originally got this for my Lush King of Skin Moisture Bar, after I ignored the advice of the Lush folks to keep this either out of the shower or to keep it in a dish in the shower. I ignored their advice and the moisture bar quickly dwindled down to nothing way to quickly for its price tag (I’m slightly smarter with the moisture bar and I now keep it outside of the shower, and so far its lasted twice as long). Nevertheless, I still had this soap dish without a purpose.

Eventually, I started to use this in my shower for my bar soap. While I love love liquid body soap, its really too drying for my skin especially in the winter, but bar soap is the perfect balance and is never too drying. I’ve had a bunch of soap dishes along the way, and this really stands out. Often times no matter what the design, water accumulates, the bar gets mushy or the bar simply disintegrates. Not with this soap dish, my bar of soap is never mushy, has not disintegrated, water never accumulates and the soap dish itself never turns into a gunky mess.

Bonus, the dish looks super luxe in my shower.

I love cheap thrills, and even more I love cheap thrills that seriously get the job done and also ones that add that five buck you need to get free shipping.

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