Un-Cover up


RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up $38.00

Ahhhh. More of these magic pots keep creeping up and into my life.

This pot of perfection by RMS is no exception. Another steller product.

This little pot can be used as a concealer for spots, under eyes, around the nose and as all over foundation. While I have yet to incorporate this every day as my foundation. I have been using this ever other day or so as foundation and the results are pretty amazing. The color 22 is a perfect match for my skin tone. And while I know this is on the heavier side, for the winter I do not feel like my skin is weighed down. It covers spots, evens my under eyes and when I do dab it all over, I don’t look like a patchwork quilt, it totally blends in, evens out and makes my skin look really luminous and like I am not wearing anything. Also, since I have switched to all natural foundation, my skin is getting clearer and clearer by the day! What a difference.  I also love to keep this in my purse for touch ups throughout the day. But be careful my little pot broke a bit being thrown in my bag– I guess it’s time to get a padded make up bag?

I waited a very long time to pick this up, and I am so glad I did, but so sad I waited. This stuff is amazing.

5 thoughts on “Un-Cover up

  1. Hi!

    It’s amazing, isn’t it?

    I have a lot of rms beauty pots! I am a big fan, every single product is great, in terms of texture and color, as well.

    1. Ugh. These products are amazing. Like seriously amazing. Have you tried the new powder? I have its also amazing, I’ll review it next week, but seriously you have to try it. I wish they made even smaller pots for travel too.

      1. Hi Loni!
        The unpowder is the only product fm RMS that i have not tried yet… I heard it is really nice!

        However , i only rarely use powder as my akin is quite dry… Would you suggest it for dry skin?

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