Origins VitaZing™ SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer

Origins Vitazing Review

I don’t even know how this product crossed my path. No idea. I was on and it just appeared. I started reading review after review and I kept thinking is this shit as good as some people say? Or super orange like other reviews? I just had to know. I could  not stop thinking about it. So the other day I found myself in Origins.  Continue reading


So, I am in a bit of jam. I have my little cousins wedding in one hour, and my hotel room is not ready. Ugh, like a Girl Scout or MacGuyver, here are the products I am about to use in the hotel lobby to get ready!

This foundation stick requires no brush or sponge, just dab it onto your face and pat into your skin and bam, perfect canvas. 

This pot rouge in Raspberry, can go on lips and cheeks, making it one less thing to drag out of my bag

A dash of eyeliner (maybe, it is the afternoon)

This eyelash curler is amazing, I’ve gone through a bunch over the years and I keep coming back.  Using this makes it easier to skip the mascara- Also just noticed they make this in gold, super crush.

Also, CONGRATS Colleen & Shawn!!!!!