Lipstick Challenge Days 2-4


Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl $24.00

If you’ve been wondering why there was no Lipstick Challenge post for the last two days, days two and three, well the answer is that I fell in love with this Lip Pencil all over again that I could not actually bring myself to try another one.

I’ve been wearing this pencil out both day and night for the last three days, and although I’ve had this particular product for a while hanging out in my lipstick arsenal– it was not until now that I’ve been so smittin with Dragon Girl.

First, the color is a deep, bright red. Perfect, neutral red. Bright but never clownish and not brick red.

Second, the texture. The glide on your lips is easy and never tugs. The formula although matte, does not dry out my lips. I’ve been wearing this nonstop and I have not really reached for my lip balm at all.

Third, this stuff lasts, not so much through eating but definitely through drinking, does not leave marks on your glass and never feathers.

This Lip Pencil is pretty much perfection, and I can’t stop wearing it. Even though I went errand running today in leggings and a sweater, a swipe of this stuff made me feel instantly put together and less like I was waring pjs.

Tomorrow I promise to rotate another lip color in for the Challenge. But for now, especially tonight, I’ll be rocking this.

9 thoughts on “Lipstick Challenge Days 2-4

  1. Everybody needs a product that makes you feel like instant put-togetherness even when running errands. I’m afraid I don’t have one. I like my mascara, foundation and gloss.

    1. I know! A go to is so important. I feel like a bold lipstick is the way to go. Keep checking out the Lipstick Challenge for some possible ideas. Mascara though is a good one… Which one do you currently use?

      1. Totally checked out the post, awesome. I don’t usually like spending that much on a mascara because you have to throw them out every few months, but I would be willing to give it a whirl.

        How does it do with flaking, that seems to be the big thing with me and mascaras, I think I simply rub my eyes all the time, so it has got to stand up to that.

      2. I don’t like spending much on mascara either. If I can’t find this one on ebay for half I probably won’t buy it again, drugstore ones have made my eyes water so I am open to suggestions! 🙂 I don’t think it flakes. It’s too wet. But if you rub your eyes a lot it might smudge. Someone asked me if it was waterproof and I think it is, from experience. Non-waterproof ones I have used did not work for me at all.

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