Lipstick Challenge Day 29: Mexican Rose


Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil $ 24.00

The Hot Pink love affair does not end.

I’ve had this pencil since the summer yet in my Hot Pink lipstick color quest I have completely forgotten about this gem.

And its sooooooooo freakin’ good. This is the Hot Pink analog to my beloved Nars Dragon Girl.

The forumla of the Velvet Gloss Pencils wraps around your lips in moisture goodness and despite the high moisture the color payoff/duration is quite intense/long. Mexican Rose, is a hybrid magenta/hot pink/red. It is a bit less summery than you would think, which makes it insanely wearable year round. Its just a fantastic color and it fades rather evenly so you avoid that horrible bleed out from the middle effect, which is just so unsightly.

 I can’t believe I forgot about Mexican Rose–I guess that’s what happens when you move and pack everything into random containers.



** I also have the Velvet Gloss Pencils in New Lover (Strawberry/Barbie Pink Hybrid), Club Mix (Deep Purple/Oxblood. Blot once trust me) & Hopi (Neutral/Honey perfect for summer)

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