Lipstick Challenge Day 10: some limited edition lip gloss

Aerin Lauder

Aerin Beauty Limited Edition Lip Gloss in Perfect Nude $30.00

I love limited edition beauty products. So much. There is really nothing better than getting your hands on some little limited edition beauty item that you know will likely never resurface. This is one of those things.

I was totally swept up in Aerin Lauder’s PR campaign this past fall, and out of the array of products she offered, I was totally enamored with this gloss. I had recently become a huge fan of the nude lip, and this just seemed like a perfect addition to my growing collection.

I had tried this on one day and Neiman Marcus, and I was caught with a ‘Wow that looks awesome,’ which in my girlfriends language, who is never one to comment on a beauty product, meant that this was a winner. Well. I did not purchase it I waited, and waited, until the desire to acquire was simply too strong.

The product itself is your standard gloss, more moisturizing than most, but definitely thick like frosting. The color though, is pretty awesome. Its nude without washing you out, it has just enough blush-y undertones to really make this understated lip, well simply stand out a bit. Super creamy nude in the tube, on the lips its almost a brown rose hybrid. Either way, the consistency really coats your lips, making this nude more apparent, and giving you a pulled together look thats not obvious, something that Aerin Lauder I believe has underpinning her product line in general.

Basically, get it while you can.

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