Lipstick Challenge Day 12: Lip Moisturizer


Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturizer $12.00

This stuff by Malin + Goetz is a lip balm, obviously. Its clear, has no taste, no fragrance and is pretty basic right down to its label (which I love). But what gets me about this and gets me to pull this out to show my lip balm enthusiast friends, is the consistency. Folks, wait- its a gel. A gel! Its so cool really, so space age-y.  The feeling on your lips is not heavy but super light despite this being a deeply moisturizing lip balm. I can’t get over it and thats what makes this rather regular lip balm, actually quite something else entirely.

Also, it leaves nice sheen, not over the top super shiny or super gloopy, just a nice healthy gleam.

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