Impulse Purchase


Vapour Organic Aura Multi Use Stain in Impulse $28.00

When you look at my makeup you start to notice I have an overwhelming abundance of these blue and violet tubes. Well there is a good reason that these tubes dominate my makeup, they are by Vapour Organic Beauty. Vapour’s products  contain a minimum of 70% organic ingredients with the remaining 30% of ingredients are comprised of mineral pigments and natural vitamins. They are also a champion in the business industry where they are headquartered providing a living wage, flexible hours and health insurance to its employees. With their corporate eye on sustainability and changing the dominate business paradigm this company is one to support, and it does not hurt that their products are awesome.

What started me on this whole safer cosmetic train in a serious way was an article about lead in lip stains. Lip stains you see are my favorite products, they deliver the perfect amount of color and can be used on lips and cheeks. A good lip stain in my opinion is a red that provides a barely there hint of alive goodness for your lips and cheeks

Vapor has a great sampling program, for 15 bucks (not including S&H) you can get five pretty big samples of any of their products (except for nail polish). I got a few samples including the Multi Use Blush. After using the sample and keeping it close by for about a week I bought the full size product. It is pretty rad.

First the twist up tube is awesome, much like a very large lip balm. The product on my lips does not feel dry and leaves them a bit moist. The color is just as described a cool clear red. It looks like a nice glaze on my lips and I usually wipe the leftover on my cheeks, the leftover product from my lips is the perfect amount for my cheeks and looks great, I mean really great. Blush can be super hard for me to wear because my face is generally more red or pink but this looks super natural and does not make my otherwise generally red face redder or ruddy looking. I can never wear blush stains for cheeks except for this one.

The prefect barely there stain for lips and cheeks.

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