Lipstick Challenge Day 23 : Drugstore Dreams


L’Oreal Colour Riche in Velvety Fuschia #173

I’ve been super into HOT PINK for lips recently, well hot pink just for just about everything, I am basically treating it like a neutral. I know neon is a thing happening out there in the ether but still. 

Nevertheless, I was in my neighborhood Blue Mercury (I’m a lucky girl), and tried I on some Nars Schiap and loved it, fell in freaking love. And then crushing defeat, it’s sold out. I was not that defeated, because I decided to go online, but its sold out everywhere there too. Jeeeeeze. I finally found it on and ordered it, and then they could not fulfill my order, so it was canceled. Now, at this point in the story, I am sad.

So, I found some potential alternatives at Sephora online (I’m too time strapped to actually make it to a Sephora, and one lovely friend, and one awesome cousin got me Sephora gift certificates for the holidays (Mega thanks Rosey & Seth)). Neverthless, I was hesitant to pull the trigger because I am looking for a specific pink, a magical shade basically made just for unicorns, and I feel like I need to see it.

Then, I had the brilliant idea to just try to find it at the drugstore. I went bopping around, and settled on one by L’Oreal. Its not hot pink, but its not a regular berry either. It’s decidedly fuschia. But I kind of like it. It is totally a color that dominates the wardrobes of five year old girls everywhere but on my lips its really fun and a nice alternative to the matte red I usually wear. There is something really effortless about the color, maybe its because its slightly purple, maybe because its Hot Pink’s cousin, but its just less obvious, but has the same impact without making you think, ‘whoa she is wearing some lipstick,’ because who wants that, well I do, but until Schiap is back in stock I think I just have to wait, because there is just something about that color by Nars that makes my heart skip a beat.

While I was searching for Nars Schiap just to double check if it was sold out at the obvious retailers, Google auto generated Nars Schiap Dupe and from my research of about ten blog posts on the subject (happy knowing I’m not the only one), I found that  THIS is the best dupe. I can sense a lipstick quest about to happen. Obviously.

*Update: I totally found the dupe at the drugstore today (I promise I don’t actually spend all my time in drugstores, though my father would disagree). Anyway, bonus it was only $1.50, seriously, anyway, its pretty good, I love the color, and compared to Nars Schiap, its only slightly less bright, but until I find a stick of Nars, I’ll stick with this.

Hot Pink Forever!

**Image used without permission from HERE

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