Resolution #2: Eat better

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You are what you eat, and I’ve been noticing that I have been eating quite poorly lately and my hair etc., have been quite lackluster. In a wholly beauty related way (better health an incidental benefit).Resolution #2 is to eat better generally, from the perimeter of the grocery store and to cook more at home (or to enjoy the cooking at home that my girlfriend does, rather than as a default go out and eat burgers).

This is getting easier because my girlfriend is on this epic nutritional challenge through her gym, so I’m basically  riding the coattails of that, which is not so bad. Earlier this week we got a box of organic fruits and veggies delivered from Door to Door Organics, and it was awesome and so easy.

I’m also going to start drinking this weird green smoothie every morning in an effort to get in as many fruits and veggies in a day as possible, and to stave off my daily Diet Coke. Once I settle on a recipe I’ll post about that.

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