Resolution # 1: Vitamins


Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3-6-9 (60 SoftGels) $18.95 

So this is post #1 on Resolutions for 2013. I wanted to wait a few days into 2013 to figure out what I really wanted to change before committing.  I’m not going to bore you with research about Omegas. But, in high school, my mom made sure I ate two of these horse pills a day, and during that time my hair was awesome. Fast forward ten years, my hair sucks and I can barely remember to eat right.  Mom if you reading this eventually this post gets to a healthy life decision. Generally, I forget to eat right, take my vitamins, I push off exercise, I hit snooze about ten times every morning. I am basically sometimes a fourteen year old boy. But I am a 28 year old lady, whose hair is bleh, likely due to crappy diet, poor sleeping habits and no vitamins.

So, here it is, Resolution #1: I will take vitamins (daily)

I like these by Nordic Naturals because they have this lemon taste, so you don’t get weird fish burp after you take them.

I’ll update you in about two months and let you know what I think these vitamins did for me. Oh, I’ll also be taking Centrum for Women Under 50, along side these by Nordic Naturals.

Also, stay tuned for more resolutions!

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