Lipstick Challenge Day 26: Retro European Love


Kamille Lip Balm by Herbacin $4.45

Holy, retro European lip balm goodness. I am in love. 

I posted earlier today about Merz Apothecary and your probably wondering what awesome products I picked up. Well, this is one of them (I’ll continue to share over the next week). Anyway, when I was about to pay, I saw the epic-ly large and impressive Lip Balm section. I thought, oooo what if they have that Kamille Lip balm I have been eyeing. Obviously they did. This made me smile.

So what did I think. Well I am in love. This lip balm is killer. It has no scent or color. But the balm itself is magnificent  pure lip balm enjoyment. It leaves a subtle sheen, moistures like other pricier way way balms, and it is conveniently housed in a tube. It looks strikingly European which makes me feel instantly in the know.

Since I got it at Merz, its been living on my desk, and I have been reapplying like its my job. I just love love the way it feels on my lips. I basically want one for every zone of my life.

Jezzzzzzze lip balm crushes can be so hard sometimes.

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