High End v. LoFi- RMS Living Luminizer Dupe


RMS Living Luminizer $38 v. ELF Essential All Over Color Stick in Persimmon $1

I love my RMS Living Lumnizer, it has totally changed the game for me on ‘highlighters’ in general. I really am totally in complete love with it, but it is housed in a glass pot, and another one my my RMS pots has already broken because it lives in my bag. So to avoid that fate with my beloved Living Luminizer,  I needed a alternative that could stay in my purse, without breaking. 

Enter ELF Essential All Over Color Stick in Persimmon. While the color is not a total match as the ELF as it is a smidge pinker, the effect is so strikingly similar, that it is the best dupe I have found. Totally clear highlight/shine effect without any glitter or disco ball effects. Just a swipe on my eye lids and anywhere else really brightens up my face. I love it for the end of the day when I look super tired. This instantly picks me up.

And best part its only $1 ,seriously only $1, you can’t really argue with that.

Come on and comment!

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