It’s not like the 90s. I promise

nexxus mouse plus volumizing foam reiew

Hair mousse? Seriously. Get those images of crunchy hair and 90s hairstyle craziness out of your mind because this is so beyond that and way better, I promise. 

Nexxus Mouse Plus Volumizing Foam $12.49

So, I recently got my hair cut and my stylist used mouse. Not only did my hair look awesome, but the style held for three days and my hair did not become a greasy hot mess. So obviously, with this information  I sought out some mouse of my own. I went for the Nexxus only because they had a mini size, and it just seemed promising from the shelf.

Well, what did I think.

It was awesome. Mousse who knew? My hair looks way way way better. When I blow it out, it has volume and shine, and the blow out lasts for at least two days without getting gross. When I air dry it, its shiny, wavy and healthy looking. Seriously, this stuff is amazing, I had no idea mousse was so rad, versatile and not reminiscent of the 90s.

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