Lazy Girl: Hydration Station

Cremo Face Moisturizer ReviewFacial moisturizer is so important because it hydrates (duh!) and makes you look younger almost instantly. I’ve be faithfully using this one by Malin + Goetz for the last six months and as I near the end of the bottle I’m searching for something a little bit less expensive so you know I can spend my money on other things like lip balm and cabs.

So, I wrote something on Cremo’s shave cream a few weeks back and the folks there tweeted to me about their other products, namely their face moisturizer. I was intrigued so when I stumbled on it in Merz Apothecary and found out it was only $9 I immediately put it in my basket.

When I got home, my girlfriend was really into the moisturizer and  was so excited to use it that she broke the bottle. The genius that I am found a top from a bottle I picked up at the Container Store and replaced it– problem solved.

The moisturizer itself is very thin and almost watery– I find shaking the bottle mixes the product nicely thereby achieving the perfect consistency– on your face its light, not greasy and really eliminates tightness. While this cream does not have any antioxidents like my Malin + Goetz it is naturally anti-inflammatory with a Triple-A Complex which is rich in plant amino acids & polypeptides– aka good for your skin stuff.

Either way, I’m pretty happy with this replacement for my facial moisturizer– it does the job, looks pretty on my vanity and does not break the bank or break out my skin.  We all should be moisturizing (really– it makes such a difference) and this is a super stellar product that makes it really easy to do.

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