Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific

Gee You're Hair Smells Terrifc

There is something to be said about wildly terrific smelling hair. Its a nice way to incorporate fragrance into your routine while double tasking with the product itself. Getting a burst of fragrance when you move about too is an unexpected aromatherapy moment. These are two products that not only scent your hair but also are pretty solid products. 

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle $21.95

This is a leave in mist, it protects from heat, detangles, seals the cuticle and does about eight more things you should be doing for your hair. It is a super multitasker, streamlining your hair care and giving you more room for say your very large collection of skincare prodcuts. Before I get into its amazing scent, I should tell you it leaves your hair super soft, incredibly glossy and achieves that wavy undone sexy not trying too hard hair, but only if you air dry.  But why I love it and keep coming back to it, is for the scent. The company describes it as a floral. I think they are dead wrong, to me it smells like a mix of coconut (in a good way) vanilla and rum. Sweet and musky and mysterious. The scent is strong, and really lasts through out the day. The scent reminds me of a late summer day on the beach, a place I’d rather be right about now with this unseasonably cold spring temperatures. For now at least I’ll just mist this until its actually summer.

Kusco-Murphy Bedroom Hair $28.00

Gah, this stuff. This magic jar of sparkly pomade I love you. First the jar is pretty enough to display on your vanity and the product itself is a workhorse. To use it you have to really scrunch it at your roots under the top layer of hair (does that make sense?) and let your hair air dry, and while it does not quite give you sexy time hair, its a pretty close 2nd or 3rd, think hardcore make out session hair. Again, the best part is the scent. I am in love with its tender heady clove scent. While it seems it would be perfect for Fall, its quite lovely all year round, and the scent lasts all day. Oh and it makes your hair soft like butter so much so you will be non stop playing with it like you are 14.

Also, those around you on the subway will thank you in all of your good hair day glory for masking the curious subway car smell that always seems to develop as the temperature rises in NYC.

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