Phthalate Free Perfume That Won’t Crush Your Budget

Caldrea Roller Ball Perfume Coconut Fig Leaf Review

I really really love Vamp a NY. It smells exactly how I want to smell not only when the temperature rises but also when its cold out too. But I just can’t justify spending $100 bucks on it, even if it’s formulated without dreaded phthalates. I just can’t. I really fucking can’t. 

Enter Caldrea, a company I am in love with for their hand soaps and room sprays in the scent Sea Salt Neroli— which smells insanely fresh, warm and inviting. The hand soap is so fragrant, it scents your hands hardcore–in that you can’t stop smelling your hands in that creepy way, that kind of scenting– I love it so much that I don’t care I spend $10 bucks on hand soap. As a mild germaphobe I like my handsoaps to really be an experience since I’m engaging in it so much. Anyway, Birchbox, my new favorite spot for makeup and product shopping in general, rolled out these roller-balls from Caldrea. I was intrigued, because honestly I spray the Caldrea room spray like a perfume, I don’t care what you think about that, it smells amazing. On a whim, without smelling it I went for Coconut Fig Leaf, I just had a feeling it would be magical like my beloved Sea Salt Neroli.

In two words, it was. Its just the best scent. It reminds me of the Vamp a NY I just can’t afford, but its even better, like way better. The Coconut Fig Leaf roller balls, layers some of my favorite scents, namely coconut, white fig, plum, and clover with base notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk. I hate girly perfumes with a passion and this really dances that fine line between super femme and masculin. Its great. Oh, and here is the best part, its  vegan and FREE of phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, and artificial colors, and its only $18 bucks.

Total and complete win in the fragrance department. I am a happy girl.

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