Origins VitaZing™ SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer

Origins Vitazing Review

I don’t even know how this product crossed my path. No idea. I was on and it just appeared. I started reading review after review and I kept thinking is this shit as good as some people say? Or super orange like other reviews? I just had to know. I could  not stop thinking about it. So the other day I found myself in Origins. 

I went straight for the VitaZing and put it on the back of my hand. I was in love. In love. Its a moisturizer with SPF and some antioxidants that although it goes on white, it turns into a color, basically your skin but better. I was slightly worried it would not match the skin on my face but it blended so seamlessly into the back of my hand that I picked it up anyway. When I got back to my car I immediately put it on. I was not in love. Slightly defeated I made my way home. Here is the thing, when I got back home, and the VitaZing had time to settle it looked awesome. My skin was radiant.

I am just so surprised by this product. Its not a foundation, not a BB cream or a CC cream, not a tinted moisturizer. Its something else entirely. I have old scars and some blemishes so I really need coverage but not all over and this is great for that. It lets what you want to shine through to do just that and the rest you can cover with concealer. Its pretty magic and gives you a super natural, makeup free look. It feels so super light weight, it provides just enough moisture for warmer months and I love that it has SPF, super bonus.

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