I am not that easily bullied into buying products. I do my research before hand and always have a clear idea why I am in a particular store, this holds especially true with regard to beauty products. So a few weeks ago I was surprised when a gently nudge from a Sephora employee prompted me to deviate from my shopping list and into some new territory.

I was eyeing some nail polishes. Particularly a nude, while I do have permanent red nails, sometimes I want a little break. The Sephora person came over and was like “OH, these are new, they are great.” She continued to tell me that these Sephora X (1, 2)work like gel polishes without the hassel of going to the nail place and having that awful nail destruction nightmare of gel manicure removal. But she cautioned while I could use any nail polish color it only works if you use the base and the top coat. It was here that I was hooked.

Today I found myself home sick, so what did I do? My nails naturally. I carefully, methodically, borderline OCD removed the gel manicure from my nails and then went to town with these new base and top coats that promise all of the shine and durability of gel manicures but without the cost, hassel or trip to the nail place.

What did I think? Overall, I was completely blown away. B L O W N A W A Y! I’ve loved Dabu for a long long time, but these two polishes together, the base and top coat, are amazing!

These duo is really a gem. The basecoat goes on like normal and is super cold, and feels somewhat like its toxic and seeping into my nail beds but IDK I am not a scientist. I used Butter London Pillar Box Red as my polish and then finished off with the speical top coat that was unusually gloopy, if I had not just purchased it I would have thought it got rancid, but I assure you this is normal and maybe its part of its magic. First, my nails dried in about five minutes. Literally, within five minutes I was writing an email with no smudges. I was left with super high shine pretty much perfection nails.

So when you visit Sephora in the future and see a new nail polish display, let the Sephora employee tell you all about and then pick up the base and top coat, you will not be sorry.

Update, a week later my nails are still in perfect condition, with the exception of the nail I use to open cans of Diet Coke with, aside from that it looks just like they did the day I painted them. Perfect!

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