Stay Out Late and Fake it in the Morning

Benefit Fake Up Concealer Review

When I picked up Benefit Fake Up I had zero need for a concealer. I was and still am in L O V E with Touche Eclat by YSL, but still I am a beauty products junkie so seriously I just had to know what the fuss was all about for myself.

I played with it in the store and was blown. This shit is magic. It not only covers but it moisturizes so you get none of that dried out concealer grossness happening. Its perfect for spots that are dry to begin with like your under eye area and on top of blemishes. You avoid that dry creepy look due to the moisturizing product that envelopes the concealing part– so smart. While the YSL is a workhorse and does an amazing job of covering up what needs to stay hidden, this gem by Benefit does not leave the areas you cover dry which allows them to remain your secret further allowing you to stay out late and hide it in the morning.

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