Summer Proof Your Hair

Living Proof Satin Hair Serum Review

Since moving back to NYC, my hair has NOT been happy and what I mean by that is that the humidity, frequent rain and heat has lead to lots and lots of frizz and flat hair. I switched shampoos which normally wakes my hair up, but it did little to make my hair come to life. I thought I maybe needed a haircut (I did) but while that did make my hair look awesome, I was still combating frizz and flat lifeless hair. I knew I needed to bring out the big guns aka I needed to start using some kind of anti-frizz defender of good hair.

I’ve had good luck with Living Proof in the past. The products are really great frizz fighters especially on rainy days, which we have been having a lot of in these parts. Anyway, I decided to try Living Proof’s new Satin Hair Serum which is free of oil and silicone. Which as a side-note  your hair stuff could be making you break out, especially silicones, the molecule is bigger than your pores thus they get stuck and clog the F out of your skin. So super bonus this stuff is probably not going to make you break out around where you hair hits your face.

Anyway, the first time I used the serum I did one pump and it did not look like any product at all, so I did one more, still not that much, so I did three and went to town on my hair. Huge mistake, that was way too much product, my hair looked instantly greasy and I looked like a hot mess. So the next day I went down to two pumps, still too much product. Therefore let me tell you, only use one pump, seriously, trust me, one pump is all you need. Also, I use this in one of two ways either on damp hair before air drying or before blowing my hair out OR on my dried hair, either air dried or blown out, but not both– are you with me— that would be two pumps and you are then destined to have limp greasy hair that automatically needs to be put in a topknot.

So now that we have the amount you need covered– does this serum actually do anything? It does and the results are excellent. On either air dried or blown out hair, it significantly prevents frizz and totally wrangles in your hair from being crazy, whether its poofy from a blowout in summer or all wild looking from letting it do its thing. Either way, this 1.5 oz bottle will be with me all summer as I travel, because lets face it good hair is everything.

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