Save Your Mother-Fing Skin

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair CreamThis week is becoming all about shit I just pick up at Sephora while waiting on line to checkout. Impulse items. Impulse life. 

I picked this up because I also picked up First Aid Beauty’s Cleanser (review tmr) and I figured they were complimentary to each other. I really need moisture despite the impending summer. Recently, my face as the temperatures rise and I use harsher cleansers, my face gets more oily, its a feedback loop of oily skin and feeling gross. I needed to step up my moisture game oddly in the summer. The lady at Sephora spoke pretty highly of this cream, so when I saw a travel sized version of this I went for it, I also have a ton of travel coming up so it just seemed smart.

So, I”m writing this from the Chicago O’Hare Airport, where I’ve been stuck for the last 24 hours in recirculated air. I did go to a hotel last night, but let me tell you– I did not pack for this. This cream has doubled as a face cream, body cream and hand cream. My face feels great despite the horrible airport air and so does my body. I’m glad I threw this in at the last second, its saved my skin more than once. And even though its super rich I have not broken out and bonus with all the extra moisture my face is way way less oily than usual. Win win.

Here is to hopefully getting back to NYC this evening.

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