ELF Studio Makeup MIst and Set Review

So, its been really hot in NYC, like insanely hot with tons of humidity. It seems like the last two weeks have hovered around 95 degrees with zero reprieve in sight. I”ve stopped wearing cute clothing in favor of outfits that keep me cool and I certainly stopped wearing full on makeup. But sometimes, parties or events call for makeup. So last weekend, when I had a baptism to go to on a 100 degree day how did I pull it together and keep my face from melting off within five minutes?????

Well, I had this mist and spray sitting in my vanity for a month or two because I was too afraid it would break me out or something, but I busted it out when I had to wear makeup and venture outside. I put primer and then my foundation etc., and before my mascara spritzed this all over my face. By the end of the day, while I was super sweaty and my hair looked like a hot mess, my makeup really did not budge—at all.

Magic in a bottle. Oh and its only $3 bucks!

Shop it HERE.

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