Worth The Purge


I’ve been cleaning and purging my apartment, and it goes without saying that this includes beauty products. I have a whole legal box filled with goodies for friends when they come over to just go through. As my mom would say, “you have enough products for three lifetimes.” Anyway, while going through stuff, I came across this unsuspecting gem.

I love a red lip, and even though I picked this up a while ago, I had zero expectations. I bought a few of these Matte Balms in the spring, and some colors had high staying power, etc., while others did not, I quickly lost interest. These chubby little sticks just found a home in a random drawer without much of an afterthought. Until last week when I threw it on to distract from my general home clothes disheveled appearance. I wore it to get coffee, drank said coffee, went a couple of hours without looking in the mirror, and ate lunch. Two to three hours later, the color was still there, minimal bleeding or pilling. It looked pretty bomb, AND it did not dry out my lips whatsoever. It’s also a pretty good drugstore dupe for NARS Red Dragon. I wore it to a party on Sunday, and through eating, drinking, and catching up with old friends, it didn’t budge. It’s been living in my bag ever since.

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